Massage Therapy and Community Bodywork

At Tuladhara, your health and wellness are our top priority! We know that bodies need many different avenues for healing which is why we offer Massage and Community Bodywork!

Massage at Tuladhara

We have a beautiful, quiet space for you to recharge, enjoy the healing power of touch and to experience deep relaxation. Our massage therapists are highly skilled and trained to offer a variety of massage modalities. From relaxation, to deep tissue, to hot stone massage, we have a massage to fit your needs.

This unique model provides focused, holistic care in a combined 45 minutes of Thai Yoga Bodywork, Qi transmission, and integrative rest. This is great for people needing to relax, feel pampered and just have some down time for themselves. Treatments are high-quality, effective, affordable and to-the-point. I am passionate about providing access to self-care as a consistent part of life, not a luxury requiring large expense and time commitment.

Whether you feel physically stuck or stagnant, are seeking more emotional balance, or long to feel nurtured in spirit, Thai Yoga Bodywork will feel like hitting the reset button on your whole being.  Healing touch is essential for wellness.  It resets the nervous system and boosts the healing capacity of body, emotions and mind. The fast and overly stimulated lifestyles that we lead don’t give our bodies the opportunity to fully rest. In order to rest, we need our fight-flight-flee response to calm down so that the healing and repair processes can turn on.

Bodywork is a broad term that includes many approaches to healing that are all based in working with the body. Thai Yoga Bodywork is a 2,500 year old healing art used to treat illness, relieve pain and stress, support well-being and bring emotional balance.  This passed down tradition of compassionate touch creates an experience that opens the physical body and energy channels, while relaxing the mind and heart for a synergistic effect.

Sona’s sessions utilize breath to create space in the body and integrate Qi healing to release energetic blockages and enhance the level of life force in the body.  Additional time to rest in restorative postures will support and nourish the bodywork you have received, leaving you open, yet grounded.  Each session is approached with reverence, respect and intuitive awareness.

W H A T   T O   E X P E C T

As you enter the yoga studio, you will find a large padded mat with props set up for your comfort.  I will briefly discuss your health concerns and requests for treatment.  After approximately 30 minutes of focused bodywork, you’ll receive a Qi transmission and enjoy an extended 10-15 minutes of restoration.  You can ease back to a seated or reclined meditation for the next few minutes, or perhaps linger in meditation or pranayama for another 15 minutes before you transition.  That is all up to you.   Please allow for a 45 minute session. You are welcome and encouraged to stay for an additional 15 minutes to restore and meditate before you transition back into your day.


Please arrive 10 minutes early in loose fitting, comfortable  clothing that allows for ease of movement. You will already have registered and paid online, so take a moment to sip some water, use the restroom if needed, and settle in before I greet you at your session start time.  In order for everyone to receive ample time,  please help me navigate the ship smoothly by arriving early!

Brief Intake

In collaboration, we’ll determine an intention based on your current needs.  To keep your session on track, I encourage you to explore ahead of time what might support you during our time.


I will use intentional, skilled touch to support your intention.  Your session is clothed for comfort and mobility and you will receive 30 mins of dedicated healing touch.

Integrative Rest + Qi Transmission

I will support your transition to integrative rest, where you’ll settle in with bolsters and blankets, relaxing and absorbing the benefits of the bodywork you have received.  At this time I will also transmit Qi through your body, which will greatly enhance the relaxation you feel and ground and support the effects of the bodywork .  Should you fall asleep, you have plenty of time to ease out.


I will suggest gentle movements to shift you up and out of stillness.  You’ll have a chance to go slow, sit for awhile, practice some meditation or breathing on your own and then transition yourself back into your day.

Single Massage Pricing

60 Minute Relaxation Massage $80
60 Minute Deep Tissue or Hot Stone Massage $90
90 Minute Relaxation Massage $115
90 Minute Deep Tissue or Hot Stone Massage $125

Package Pricing (must buy a minimum of 3)

60 Minute Relaxation Massage Package $65
60 Minute Deep Tissue or Hot Stone Package $75
90 Minute Relaxation Massage Package $90
90 Minute Deep Tissue or Hot Stone Package $100

Thai Yoga Bodywork is $40 per session. Each session is 45 minutes.

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