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Tuladhara is where community & connection meet strength, stability & flexibility for both your body and your mind.


Alicia, is someone that has benefited from the transformational and healing power of yoga and wants to share her passion with her community. Alicia spent the majority of her professional life working as an executive for a Fortune 50 company where she held many positions including a position leading international expansion efforts in Canada.  Although her Yoga practice had always been a big part of her life, she felt that something was missing and decided to pursue her 500 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certificate. Soon after, she decided that she wanted to change her path and follow a deeper purpose.  She left corporate life and decided to venture out on her own, opening Tuladhara’s first location in 2016. She continues to follow her passion for healing and growth and is now pursuing her masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 


MISSION: To authentically teach the practice of yoga both in tradition and modern application; to offer students a best in class experience and space for learning; to hire teachers and staff who are experienced, growth focused, and care for their students and community.

VISION: Our vision is to help build happier communities one yoga student at a time by creating a safe space where you can find wholeness and contentment – a place where both students and teachers grow – body, mind and spirit.  

VALUES: Our values are rooted in community, inclusivity and respect.  We honor diversity and stand for body positivity. We know yoga isn’t about how a pose looks, it’s about how a pose feels to you.  We are serious about yoga, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously! 


The word Tula means balance and we strive to foster balance in every class, so that the tools you learn in class with improve your life off the mat as well! We believe Yoga is about more than just the postures, but also meditation, breath work and philosophy. The poses are just a part of the amazing benefits that yoga offers. The word Yoga means union or to bring together to make whole. Yoga is a state of being representing wholeness and presence.  We are home to some of the most experienced and credentialed teachers in the area. We value a diversity in teaching styles because we know Yoga is not done just one way for one type of body. Safety is at the forefront of all of our classes,  offering the right balance of strength, stability and flexibility to promote health and longevity in both the physical body as well as the mind. Because there are many paths to Yoga, we offer classes from the very rigorous and challenging to calm and restorative.  Check out our class descriptions to find the class that is right for you or visit our schedule to book your first class!


Our studios are beautiful, warm and inviting.   Each space is unique and centered around our community connecting and coming together.  Our spaces reflect the kind and welcoming vibe of our staff and teachers.   The studios are heated gently around 80 degrees,  (Not nearly as hot as a “Hot Yoga” style studio) making it comfortable for all ages and fitness levels to practice. We offer state of the art equipment and props, reflecting our focus on inclusion and respect for various bodies and fitness levels.  From Lakewood to Proctor Street to the Harbor, and online, we’ve got your yoga covered! Learn more about each one of our unique locations below!



Lakewood Studio

7304 Lakewood Drive Lakewood, WA

North Tacoma Studio

2717 N. Proctor Street Tacoma, WA

Gig Harbor Studio

4641 Point Fosdick Drive Gig Harbor, WA

Online Studio

Live and pre-recorded classes so you can practice anywhere!
Tuladhara Yoga is such and amazing studio. The teachers are experienced, personable, informative, smart, fun and caring. I highly recommend this studio, you won’t be disappointed. It is transformative and inspiring to be apart of such an amazing community of yogis. Life changing!
Honor W.