Welcome to Tuladhara!

Our Story

Tuladhara was founded out of the love of yoga and love of this community. The name Tuladhara comes from the ancient Sanskrit word Tula meaning balance. Our vision is to create a safe space that allows you to find balance – body, mind and spirit- A space were you can connect with yourself and your community through Yoga. Our values are rooted in community, inclusivity and respect.  We believe that better people contribute to a better community. We all want to have an impact on our world in some way, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. We can start with ourselves. We do our part by healing ourselves, growing and learning, and practicing compassion to make an impact on our world. The word Kula means community of the heart and pride of family, so welcome to our TulaKula!

Our Studio

Our studio is bright and welcoming. We honor diversity and pride ourselves in creating an environment that is friendly, focused on service, and centered around community. Our pillars Energy, Breath, and Balance focus us around providing you with a complete Yoga experience. Our studio is heated gently between 80-85 degrees (Not nearly as hot as a “Hot Yoga” style studio) making it comfortable for all ages and fitness levels to practice. We offer classes from beginner to advanced and vigorous to gentle. We also have plenty of FREE PARKING!

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