Welcome to Tuladhara!

Our Story

Tuladhara was founded out of the love of yoga and love of community. The name Tuladhara comes from the ancient Sanskrit word Tula meaning balance. Our vision is to create a safe space that allows you to find balance – body, mind and spirit- A space where you can connect with yourself and your community through Yoga. Our values are rooted in community, inclusivity and respect.  We honor diversity in all of its beautiful forms and we stand for body positivity. We know yoga isn’t about how a pose looks, it’s about how a pose feels to you.  We are serious about yoga, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously! We love learning, but we also  love to laugh and have fun! Our first location in Lakewood was started in 2016, and now we have expanded our Kula to Tacoma and Gig Harbor!  The word Kula means community of the heart and pride of family, so welcome to our TulaKula!

Our Studios

Our studios are  bright and welcoming. We honor diversity and pride ourselves in creating an environment that is friendly, focused on service, and centered around community. We believe Yoga is about more than just the postures, but also meditation, breath and philosophy.  Our studios are heated gently around 80 degrees,  (Not nearly as hot as a “Hot Yoga” style studio) making it comfortable for all ages and fitness levels to practice. We offer classes for the beginner as well as classes to challenge the experienced yogi -and everything in between. From Lakewood to Proctor Street to the Harbor, and online, we’ve got your yoga covered! Learn more about each one of our unique locations! 

Our Locations


7304 Lakewood Drive
Lakewood, WA





27117 N. Proctor St.
Tacoma, WA




Gig Harbor

4641 Point Fosdick Drive
Gig Harbor, WA




Practice Online

Live and Pre-recorded classes anywhere! 





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