Continuing Education

a Toolkit for Yoga Teachers

Refine Your Skills, Improve your craft, and Get Credit!

It is a Yoga Alliance Requirement that in order to maintain your status as a registered yoga teacher, you are required to do a minimum of 30 hours of Continuing Education every three years. Our courses are designed to help you build your teaching skills, allow you to dive deeper into topics you are passionate about,  and to support you in your development as you further grow and refine your skills.

Are you a Tuladhara Graduate?

If you have taken Tuladhara’s Yoga Teacher Training, we have a special program designed exactly for you!

Or a RYT200 Teacher?

If you’re a RYT200 Yoga Teacher looking for continuing education credits, we have the workshops for you!

Beyond 200 hours, a Development toolkit for Tuladhara Graduates

You’ve graduated from your Tuladhara Yoga 200 hour training yoga teacher training… Now What?  Want to grow or expand your experience as teacher and add more depth to your teaching? Want to build a business around teaching yoga? Want to know more about the craft you love? This development and mentorship program is for you! This program for Tuladhara graduates  will help you refine your skills, build depth of knowledge, and help you grow!

The Details:

  • 4 Workshop Intensives including special mentorship and personalized feedback on your teaching for Tula teachers
  • 42 Hours of continuing education credits that are accredited through Yoga Alliance with  E-RYT200 Teachers
  • Cost: $600
  • Learning materials are included in the cost.
  • Classes attended are not included in the cost as you will not be required to practice at our studio.

Beyond Your 200

Program Details

Public Workshops For Teachers

Are you ready for new inspiration, want to grow your skills and expand your teaching? Try one of our workshops tailored specifically to Yoga Teachers. Continuing education credits are available for these courses!

Sequencing Safe and Dynamic Classes

With Caitlin Goodin and Alicia Barrett
Dates TBD

Yin vs Restorative: There is a difference!

With Alicia Barrett
Dates TBD

The Art of Hands On Assists

With Alicia Barrett
Dates: TBD

The Inner Life and Expression of a Teacher

Tapping into your unique truth
with Leslie Whitecrow and Alicia Barrett
Dates: TBD
The sequencing workshop was a game-changer for not only my teaching skills but my personal practice as well. The teachers provided thorough knowledge and profound insights in a way that was easy to digest, allowed for thoughtful participation, and immediately began impacting my practice. So grateful to have this course under my belt!
Ashley H

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