Private Yoga

Are private yoga sessions right for you?

Private Yoga is great way to introduce you to the practice of yoga by going over the fundamentals of the poses before entering a general class! Private Yoga can also be great for someone who has hit a plateau in their practice and wants to go deeper and find more inspiration. Private Yoga is also great if you want to create a yoga practice tailored specifically to your body!

Included In Your Private Yoga Session

  • Assess your needs and goals to create the practice that is right for you!
  • Customized class with hands on adjustments and real time feedback on your postures and alignment
  • The ability to rest, pause, ask questions and discuss modifications
  • You choose your pace and room temperature!

In Class Private Yoga Session

  • A teacher to assist just you for a full 75-minute vinyasa class.
  • Hands-on assists throughout class that is based on your goals and needs
  • Modification options for different postures.
  • 15 minute goal review session before class
  • 24 Hour Cancellation required, 50% Non-refundable deposit

30-Minute Yoga Check-Up

  • Private 30 minute lesson for new students
  • Assess your needs and goals for your practice
  • Focus on proper alignment, modifications, and feedback.

Individual Yoga – 60 min

Private Yoga Single Session Starting at $90.00*
Purchase a minimum of 3 sessions and get each session starting at $75*.

Double Private Session – $155.00
Purchase a minimum of 3 sessions and get each session for $115.

Small Group – 75 min (3-5 People) $150.00

Large Group – 75 min
$150 for the first 5 people
$10 for each additional person
Max depends on studio size or available space

In Class Private Yoga Session – 90 min
Member Cost: Starts at $45, Non-Member Cost: Starts at $50
Does not include the cost of the class

30-Minute Yoga Check-Up
$30 for new students

*Cost is based on the teacher selected


We do events and parties! Want a private yoga session to kick off an event like a wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette party or baby shower?

We will theme your event, tailor it to you and even travel to you! If you want to book small or large group session, either for work or a party, contact us today!

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