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Be A Beginner – Over and Over Again

Recently, I decided to just do what the teacher asked. I know, really profound right? Well, I'm a yoga teacher and have been practicing yoga for over 10 years now, and I have learned over time how to "personalize" my practice. But sometimes, "personalizing" your...

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Confused about what class is the right class for you? What are the most popular styles of Yoga that are practiced  in the West? What are some popular misconceptions about those popular styles of Yoga? Get your answers here! First and foremost, any physical yoga that...

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Why Intentions Over Resolutions

Why Intentions over Resolutions by Alicia Barrett In yoga, a "new you" isn't the point, the "old you" isn't the point either. Its the "you you" that is the most interesting and important point. I'm sure you know by now, most new years resolutions fail by the 3rd week...

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