Beyond Your 200 Hours

In this program, you will receive 40 hours of continuing education credits broken into 3 modules over 4 weekends to help you expand and grow your teaching! The first modules will be tailored specifically to helping you be a more effective communicator, planning dynamic classes, and specific mentoring and feedback on your teaching and delivery. In addition, two public workshops are included to further your training: the Art of Hands on Assists and the Inner Life of a Teacher

Building Safe and Dynamic Classes

This module, broken into two weekends, will include how to build safe and dynamic sequences to enhance your classes. We will discuss how to integrate and weave themes, how to use music skillfully and how to create purposeful class plans. You will be able to teach a community class at Tuladhara Yoga and you will  be assigned a mentor that will attend one of your classes and give you direct and actionable feedback to improve on your teaching. In this module, we will also discuss alignment and anatomy and how to tailor your classes to diverse populations.

Weekend 1: Creating Intentional Classes – class planning, communication, critiques on teaching, teaching goals FOR TULA TEACHERS.
Dates: 9/14 & 9/15  Time: 12-5pm

Weekend 2: Anatomy and Sequencing Tune up for TULA TEACHERS
Dates: 10/12 & 10/13  Time: 12-5pm

The Art of Hands on Assisting

Dates: 11/16 & 11/17 Time: 12-5pm

Instructors: Alicia Barrett and Sona Buchanan

Assisting provides a wonderful opportunity to support your students, facilitate attunement to the wisdom of their own bodies, and affirm their efforts.  A posture is never inherently bad or wrong. A teacher is there to support the student’s exploration into her/his own body and how it works and feels. In this module we will explore

-Creating an empowering, confident approach to assisting students in their practice
-Establishing safe, effective & appropriate touch
-Different types of assisting – when, why & how to use them
-Learn key physical assists for all major asana groups: Sun Salutations, Standing, Forward Folding, Backbending, Twisting, Inversions & Savasana
-Direct experience of physical assists in a classroom setting

Inner Life of a Teacher

Dates: 12/7 &12/8 Time: 12-5pm

Instructors: Alicia Barrett & Leslie Whitecrow

About the immersion:
Are you looking for ways to be more impactful in your teaching? Do you want to give more of your own unique voice to your classes and to create more impactful and authentic experiences with your students?

We believe one of the best ways to live and teach authentically is to understand who you are, what is important to you, and what you really want to give to the world- In essence, to explore your dharma or purpose! This workshop will color outside of the lines of a typical “workshop” and allow you to go deep and explore your inner life and voice!! There will be Asana, discussion and breakout groups and juicy questions!

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