The Sacred Art of Assisting

Assisting provides a wonderful opportunity to support your students, facilitate attunement to the wisdom of their own bodies, and affirm their efforts.  A posture is never inherently bad or wrong. A teacher is there to support the student’s exploration into her/his own body and how it works and feels. In this module we will explore

  • Creating an empowering, confident approach to assisting students in their practice
  • Establishing safe, effective & appropriate touch
  • Different types of assisting – when, why & how to use them
  • Learn key physical assists for all major asana groups: Sun Salutations, Standing, Forward Folding, Back bending, Twisting, Inversions & Savasana
  • Direct experience of physical assists in a classroom setting
  • The skillful use of props for modification and advancement of postures

Continuing Education Credits: 10

Date: October 2022
Saturday: 12-5pm
Sunday: 12-5pm

Cost: $227
Members, Tula graduates, and teachers receive a 15% OFF. 

Lead trainers for this workshop will be:  Story Gilmore and Alicia Barrett